Family Office Asset Management

Family Office Asset Manager Family Office Asset Manager

Family Office Asset Management and Reporting

Stratvista developed an application for Client Asset Management firms, with management and reporting capabilities. Several private family wealth management firms use our Access based application for asset control, reporting, end of the month statements, and management fees calculation and reporting.

  • Multiple accounts per Client
    Configure each client with up to 15 different accounts. Accounts can be setup in different currencies.

  • Manage multiple currencies per client
    Clients can have accounts in different currencies, and their monthly statement report can be set to a particular currency. All the currency conversions are done automatically by the system.

  • Multiple Languages
    Professional statement reports can be published in different languages. ( English, Spanish, Portuguese , Italian)

  • Client Account Register
    Views all clients information at a glance. Daily totals of assets by account and by type of asset.

  • Net Asset Value Index
    System calculates automatically net asset value growth for a specific time interval.

  • Reports
    Management Fee Reports, End of Month statement report in PDF, Client Historical positions report, Asset Allocation , Totals by Institution