Real time Charting

Real time Charting - Scorecharts

Join other organizations that have successfully created a culture of information sharing and visibility across all levels of operation.

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Our clients provide real-time feedback and positive reinforcement to their employees. Sales scoreboards are displayed in employee areas to convey operational metrics at a glance. We can provide a turnkey solution with the hardware, software and services needed to deploy your live, custom designed dashboards within 1 - 2 weeks.
The sales Scorecharts can also be setup to be displayed on mobile devices, to keep you informed, no matter where you are.

  • Executive Office
    Live scoreboards on display in executive offices provide immediate access to key metrics, supporting informed decision making at the highest levels of the organization.

  • Call Center
    Call center staff tracks real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) for customer service levels and call volumes.

  • Manufacturing
    Workers and plant managers evaluate progress by viewing live throughput data directly on the plant floor.

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